Powering Your Business

Each of these solutions is designed to empower business owners and address specific needs. When combined, these solutions have the power to transform your merchants operations.

The TransArmor® Solution

Protect your success
The TransArmor® Solution provides multilayered protection to guard your merchants from the cyber security threats associated with accepting credit and debit cards. It helps defend their system from cyberattacks, safeguard customers’ data and reduce liability in the event of a breach. And now, it’s a standard feature on any First Data account.

Protect your customers.
Make it virtually impossible for
cyber criminals to steal card
data and be equipped to
accept ​new EMV chip-based

Minimize your liabilities.
In the event of a data breach, get a liability waiver of up to
$100,000 for card association fees and expenses.

Make compliance easier.
Receive an at-a-glance look at your overall security, and make it simple to get and stay compliant.

Get expert guidance.
​Get support from a dedicated specialist for any security questions or concerns.