Powering Your Business

Each of these solutions is designed to empower business owners and address specific needs. When combined, these solutions have the power to transform your merchants operations.

The Perka™ Solution

Say hello to smart loyalty.
The Perka™ Solution puts a merchants’ business right in their customers’ pockets. Now they can reward their regular customers, create incentives to bring back new ones, and increase traffic during slow periods.

Connects merchants with customers anytime, anywhere.
Merchants can special offers directly to their customers’ mobile phones over the Perka app, and reach them whether they’re in the neighborhood or across town.

Build stronger relationships.
Perka helps merchants identify their most devoted customers so they can greet them by name, recommend additional items they might enjoy, and deliver a fun, personal experience that will have them coming back for more.

Reward sales, not visits.
Some loyalty programs give out points for just showing up. With Perka, merchants can validate purchases at the register to grant rewards only to their best, paying customers.