As one of the premier merchant payment solutions providers in Miami, we offer a host of services and features to merchants who choose to process their transactions through our systems.Our services allow connected merchants to accept payments through a variety of cashless modes, which in turn allows them to provide their customers with a seamless shopping experience by increasing their capability to acceptmost of the payment modes available in the market today.

imagesWe offer merchants across Miami a host of services and benefits, depending upon the duration and nature of our relationship with them. Through the use of our platform, merchants can easily interface with their acquirer banks without encountering any hiccups or hassles. We enable merchants that are hooked up to our networks to accept payments in virtually any mode and through all major payment systems providers.

Our merchant processing services can support an array of transaction types through various modes, which provides each and every merchant the capacity that they require to process their business transactions, seamlessly channeled through our networks. We provide merchants with various Merchant Account Solutions, so as to allow them to easily interface with most of the popular Merchant Account Providers or acquirer banks.

As all of us know that credit cards are taking over virtually all other payment products that banks offer to customers, and hence, it is vital for every merchant to be capable of accepting transactions through credit cards in order to accept payments from his customers and drive his business to new heights. Credit cards are projected to become the most popular payment product in the payment industry, soon to overtake cash and cheques as well.This transition may not happen immediately, but as per market trends and expert’s projections, it is feasible and very much possible. Hence, we provide our client merchants with merchant credit card processing, as an additional feature, which happens to be one of the most popular offerings in our service portfolio.

At times, the existing infrastructure that enables the use of most payment products would be insufficient in handling the transactions of credit cards. Hence, we have developed and offer to our clients, a game-changer service; called Merchant Credit Card Processing, which allows cards of all major credit card service enablers to be accepted by the merchant in a much more reliable and secure manner than our competitors.

We also act as a merchant services provider, by offering merchants our services in our entire service catalog, in order to empower them to perform all sorts of transactions with scalable and on-demand increasable capacity. Some of the services that we offer to our merchants include:

  • Terminals capable of accepting cards and mobile payment options
  • Peripherals and wireless communication equipment
  • Security and Fraud prevention mechanisms
  • Cash advance transactions

We also offer our services to Merchant Account Provider banks, or acquirers directly, in order to reduce the amount of work and effort they need to put in to allow transactions of their merchants to be processed successfully through payment processing organizations.